Why We Do What We Do

"Kulot salot!"

We often hear that from our childhood... name-calling kids with "unconventional" and "ugly" hair. 

As we grow up, we are bombarded with the media's messaging that sleek and straight hair is the way to go and textured hair is not. We got sold with heating tools that straighten our hair, or treatments that will "solve" our hair problems.

But you know what, that's BS. It just kept on and on and this unhealthy cycle of hating and loving our hair is actually damaging it. We are left frustrated and angry because "why can't my hair be as straight as her?"

Then it wore us down. We demanded tons of hair products that could possibly make our hair feel "good". But it never did. We've had enough.

So how did this brand come about? On the verge of frustration, our team studied why our hair becomes "buhaghag" and you know what we've found? It's the drying chemicals that we use with our traditional hair care products. The alcohols, the sulfates that "cleanse" our scalp, and the parabens that can potentially danger even our health.  

Our Formulation

Katharē advocates for an all-natural, less plastic, and no chemical approach to hair care... and here we are now. Our formulation is very simple and effective. All natural with wholesome ingredients. We boast the inclusion of the following ingredients to our products:

Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Cocoa Butter, Essential Oils (lavender, lemon, etc.), Keratin


We are unlike any other shampoo bar brands. Maybe some of us have tried other brands of shampoo bars. But as our customers tell us, they stopped after one wash because it's drying. Here's one of the feedback we had from one of our customers: 

"I have tried other shampoo/conditioner bars in the past but i stop after the first try bec of the sticky feeling of my hair which they say is just normal. I love that after my first try with Kathare, my hair feels super clean and moisturized right away."

- Ysabella

Our shampoo bars solve a specific hair and scalp problem to enable growth of healthier hair strands. 


"I am currently using your products (after a few days) Ang dami kong bagong tubo na hair and ung gamit ko is for hairfall treatment"

- Bernadette

Most importantly, we care for your hair locks because we want to see the most confident version of yourself.

"Ilang taon na akong nagpaparebond dahil ang panget ng hair ko... I'm so thankful I found your products! Habang patagal ng patagal, nagiimprove yung hair ko!"

- Bethel

So see you around! We are delighted to help you with your hair care journey.