Imagine having lighter and frizz-free hair... how would you feel?

  • Not knowing your hair type and how to take care of your hair

    You felt like you didn't know how to take care of your specific hair type. Perhaps you've neglected your hair needs in the past, causing your hair to suffer.

  • Choosing short-term beauty

    You tried to conform to the beauty standard of having straight hair, so you did your best to alter your hair's texture to make it straighter. But at what cost? Girl, it's not worth it.

  • Not noticing until your hair just…died?

    Don't let your hair die from starvation! Damaged hair is not an attractive asset. It is a liability.

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No more haggard worries when going out!

Katharē ensures your hair stays perfect, even in humidity!

We formulate our products with the humid weather in mind that's why whether you're indoors or outdoors, your hair is well-nourished and manageable. Get the hair you love minus the frizz with Katharē.

  • Understand your hair needs

    Meet your hair's perfect match. Take the hair quiz now!

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  • Test our recommended products

    Order only what you need, based on your hair quiz results. No waste! better for the environment.

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  • Assess the results and share your feedback

    Get healthier hair in 30 days or your money back guaranteed! We're confident in our promise – try it risk-free!

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Experience the Katharē Magic

  • “Switching to shampoo bars was not an easy journey but I stuck to the routine and now, I can’t even imagine myself using any other hair care products. I am so amazed that my hair can improve this much! Worth it ang 2 years!”

    - Jeanny, Kathare user for 2 years

  • “I think I finally found the PERFECT hair cream for my FRIZZY, DRY (and very stubborn) CURLY HAIR!!! 🌺🌼 Other hair creams I've tried gave me dandruff, but this didnt at all. I super love it.”

    - Alexa, avid fan of Mango Summertide

  • I used the Mango Butter Hair Cream for a week and on my first use there was already a big change in both shine and texture. A little goes a long way. It’s smooth, tangle-free and even the brassiness of my hair color toned down as if I used purple shampoo.

    - Mimi, avid fan of Mango Summertide

  • “I reallllyyyy love them!!! You’re a god sent! I’ve been searching for products this good for like forever🥲 I’ve never seen my curly hair this good❤️"

    - Bricia, loved Mango Summertide Hair Cream

  • "I am getting addicted na po sa products nyo! Nagstart akong mag order to try lang nung midnight spell na sobrang bango! I even recommend it to my workmates kasi napansin din nila yung changes sa buhok ko."

    - Shai, addicted to Kathare products

  • "I only purchased the condi as a trial and since I still have curls shampoo and i have been using this for a week and I must say I love it." - Pauline P.

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