Loving your healthy hair with Katharē = 1-YEAR SUPPLY! 

Did you know that you can get a YEAR SUPPLY of our shampoo and conditioner bars by simply inspiring others to sustainable hair care?

Katharē is giving away incredible prizes this Christmas season! Get a chance to win:

  • 1x Katharē Double Shower Set (your choice of shampoo and conditioner bar variant),
  • 1x Mango Summertide Hair Cream, and
  • 1-YEAR SUPPLY of Katharē’s shampoo and conditioner bars set! (6 shampoo and conditioner bars set that can be claimed any day, all year, next year!

Here's a sample of how you can share your Katharē journey:

@mitchocochip @kathare.haircare ♬ original sound - Michelle K

All you have to do is share your hair experiences and struggles before, and how Katharē changed your hair's health for the better! Share it through a public post on your social media and make sure to TAG US! (FB/IG/TIKTOK)


And because we want to give all of you the best chance at winning, we are also having a raffle giveaway as a consolation prize for ALL the people who shared their Katharē hair journey.
20 raffle winners will get 1 SET of our shampoo and conditioner bars

*All story sharers will automatically have 1 raffle entry.
*All story sharers who shared their Katharē hair journey through a short form video will automatically have 3 raffle entries!

You can share your Katharē journey starting tomorrow, December 1, until December 21, 2022.
The grand prize winner and raffle winners announcement will be on Christmas day, December 25, 2022!

Katharē is a hair care brand focused on empowering women with natural, organic, and healthy hair. Share your story now to capture your journey and inspire others!
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