Why Tiffany recommends these bars

Why Tiffany recommends these bars

Tiffany's curls are divine and she makes sure that she's sharing true and unbiased reviews of hair care products she can get her hands on. Now, here's her unbiased review

Let’s Love Mother Earth as much as we can! 💚

I think everyone will agree when we say that we human beings should do what we can to love Mother Earth, whether that be lessening waste, eating sustainably or joining clean ups etc.

And with haircare, you can do something about it by using eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars. Good thing that the Philippines has one brand that you can try! @kathare.haircare

I personally was wary about it because I know that somehow, these bars can be drying to hair (but these have no sulfates) and these conditioner bars are not CGM approved (if that is something you follow) since they contain bees wax but thanks to @kathare.haircare #gift, I found that they still work for curly hair for first impression. I mean, look at that definition!

Head over to their IG page and check out how to use these bars. @kathare.haircare

Have you ever used a shampoo or conditioner bar before?

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