Why your bottles aren't as safe as you thought

Why your bottles aren't as safe as you thought

I woke up one day having an itchy throat but days later, it became my worst nightmare. Eating became a chore and drinking my favorite coffee is no longer enjoyable. Since it was becoming unbearable and frequent, I visited my doctor and it turned out that it was a bacterial infection. He said that I might have ingested some nasty food or drank dirty water. Then suddenly, I had an epiphany that maybe it was the reusable plastic water bottle I’ve been using for almost three years now. I work from home and I seldom have time to clean the bottle.

What's with the reusable plastic bottles?

Plastic bottles are always an item of choice for many different activities. We’ve been a fan of consuming plastic bottles for a variety of drinks. We have bought, used, and thrown away plastic bottles more than several times in our lives. At this point, they’re considered common household items that the dangers from them become ignored. Did you know that plastic bottles aren’t as safe as you thought? In this article, we will explain why you should rethink using regular water bottles made of plastic.  


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Most plastic items release tiny amounts of chemicals into the beverages or food they contain. As temperature and time increase, the chemical bonds in the plastic increasingly break down and chemicals are more likely to leach. Although one bottle isn't enough to put our lives in danger, the chemicals from multiple bottles could be enough to have an effect. The amounts of the chemicals are too minuscule to cause us any health problems, but scientists looking at the long-term effects of plastic on our lives say all those small doses could add up in a big way.


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Plastic is more likely to harbor more harmful bacteria than stainless steel water bottles. Our plastic bottles can retain flavors and odors even after we wash them. Plastic water bottles are inexpensive so we tend to throw them out sooner and  we are less likely to keep a plastic bottle for an extended amount of time. 

Plastic water bottles are not ideal for multiple uses. This results in us using and discarding our bottles more often. While our plastic water bottles may taste like the sports drink or infused water you put inside it for a workout even after washing, stainless steel water bottles don’t absorb those flavors. Water always tastes fresh and clean when you drink from our stainless steel bottles.

What you should use instead.

Ultimately, the amount of chemicals we might consume from food or beverages coming from a plastic container left in the heat won’t derail our health. Despite this, experts believe that we should be concerned and pay more attention to how much plastic we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. The effect from one bottle may be small but the cumulative effect of being surrounded by plastics in the goods we buy or in our water has the biggest potential health impact. Thus, a stainless steel water bottle should be the perfect replacement when trying to stay hydrated on the go.

Now, I use a stainless steel water bottle with UV-C technology to clean my drinks. I feel safer now.

What I recommend

Ever since I made the switch to the Kæthar UV Sterilization Water Bottle, I feel more safe and secure. The bottle is a self-cleaning product that uses innovative UV-C LED technology to purify the contents and clean the inner walls of the bottle that also eliminates odor-causing bacteria. The ultraviolet technology in the bottle disinfects the contents of up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses while also avoiding the use of chemicals. This simple process is inexpensive and does not require constant maintenance.

The bottle is also made of stainless steel which is more efficient and better for the environment because the majority of plastic water bottles end up in our landfills and eventually leach harmful chemicals into our environment.

Get the UV Sterilization Water Bottle here.

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