Collection: La Pierre Elite Shampoo Bar Collection

La Pierre is a collection of three unique shampoo bars that are perfect for every hair type and condition. We wanted to create something special for you, so we took into account every feature that makes you feel great when you're in the shower—from the scent to the texture and packaging. The result is an entirely new way to experience your favorite products!

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  • 🌎 Sustainable

    We take our responsibility to the planet seriously. That's why we use sustainable practices throughout our production process, from sourcing ingredients to packaging our products.

  • 🍃 Naturally-derived

    Our formulas are carefully crafted using botanical extracts and essential oils that nourish, hydrate, and protect your hair from damage.

  • 🌿 SLS/SLES-Free

    We've formulated our products without these harmful ingredients. Our gentle, sulfate-free formulas cleanse your hair without compromising its health or natural shine. We are also CGM-approved!