Stop making these 5 hair-care mistakes that accelerate hair loss! Instead, here's what you should do.

Stop making these 5 hair-care mistakes that accelerate hair loss! Instead, here's what you should do.

I remember that day when we discovered that our hair was slowly thinning out. I freaked out when I saw my hair shedding more and more every day. Worse, I started googling for the best products that could solve my hair problem. I tried several products but nothing seemed to work aside from me accepting the futile destiny I am doomed to accept. I started caring less and less and subjected my hair-care routine to what I know is logical – get ‘enough’ product on my hair and just leave it to the promises of these hair loss products. But I was wrong.

I read this article online and slowly, things get clear and I knew that what I was doing was not beneficial for my hair and scalp health. When I started changing my routine and identifying what I am doing wrong, I started regaining hair volume and those patches on my hair are slowly covered by my brand-new baby hair which I am glad to accept.

Here are the 5 things I learned from my hair-care journey:

  1. Growing and styling my hair the wrong way

When I discovered that my hair was thinning out, my initial instinct was to let it grow so it may aesthetically compensate for the lack of hair at the top. But it just made my hair look so thin, limp, and fine which I do not like. Growing your hair too long on the sides may make the thinning hair on the top of your head more apparent. When I realized this, I started styling my hair shorter all-over to disguise my thinning areas.

  1. Getting hair products for hair thinning impulsively

I think everyone can relate when I started seeing that I am shedding an enormous amount of hair, I panicked and stocked up on anti-thinning products. The problem is that many hair products are so heavy they end up weighing my hair down, leaving it looking flat or separating the strands. If you choose to use hair products, avoid creams and pastes in favor of a lightweight spray or a light-hold mousse.


  1. Switching to every-other-day shampoo routine

We’ve all been used to taking a bath every day (because of the icky feeling from the tropical heat) and with it, we also automatically shampoo and condition our hair every single day. But having thinning hair, may not be as beneficial as we ought it to be. What you may not know is that shampooing your hair too often could strip it of the natural oils that keep it healthy and moisturized. Rather than shampooing every day, switch to every other day and just rinse your hair on the days in between. If you have oily hair, you might try using dry shampoo.


  1. Using blow dryer too close to the scalp

One of my greatest pet peeves is going outside with wet hair. I do not like how my wet hair becomes a magnet for dust and impurities in the air. So, as much as possible, I air dry it before going out or, most of the time, blow dry it. But, did you know that it’s one of the biggest mistakes we all commit? Holding the blow-dryer too close to your hair can cause your roots to dry out, leaving your hair looking thin and wispy. Instead, use your blow-dryer on the low heat setting and hold it at least eight inches away from your scalp. Or better yet, don’t use heating tools at all.


  1. Combing wet hair

I am so guilty of this mistake. I love combing my hair right after I shower. It is one of the most peaceful and enjoyable chores that I can actually meditate on while doing. But I realized that this accelerates hair loss. Why? Your hair is highly prone to breakage when it is wet. Combing or brushing wet hair weakens the roots and causes hair fall. To maintain a healthy texture, it is safe to leave the hair to dry naturally. Also, don't brush your hair harshly. You can make your hair loss less noticeable by avoiding the five grooming mistakes listed above, but is there anything else you can do to actually slow or reverse it? Absolutely! Now, here’s what I did to grow and volumize my hair.

 What I did to grow and volumize my hair

  1. Avoid secondhand smoke

Without a doubt, smoking is harmful to your health, but it can also cause hair loss. Some of the toxins in cigarette smoke may cause damage to hair follicles and inhibit the hair growth cycle, according to the findings of a study published in the journal Dermatology. To restore healthy hair growth, stop smoking.


  1. Avoid stress

When you're stressed, your body produces hormones like cortisol and noradrenaline, which, according to a study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, can stifle hair growth and accelerate hair loss. Take 30 minutes a day to do something you enjoy to relieve stress – meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are all beneficial.


  1. Add these things to your diet

To grow thick and strong hair, make an effort to eat a well-balanced diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Zinc, iron, Vitamin D, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids are some of the most important nutrients for hair growth.

Give yourself some nutritional insurance by taking a supplement that promotes healthy hair in addition to a healthy diet.

  1. Avoid alcohol-based styling products

While some styling products can assist you in achieving your desired look, others can actually harm your hair. Alcohol-based styling products can dry out your hair, making it brittle and more prone to breakage.


  1. Protect your hair from the sun

When you go out in the sun, you probably think about protecting your skin first, but your hair is just as important! Cover your hair with a hat or use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen.


  1. Choose sulfate-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner

I used to just grab any type of shampoo I can get my hands into. But I realized that majority of the shampoo in the market contains harmful chemicals that are really bad for your hair and scalp. When I started being conscious about the products I put into my hair, it grew really beautifully and I had well-nourished and moisturized hair. I am highly recommending the Kathare Gugo Extract shampoo bar and Gugo Loco conditioner bar because they surely made my hair soft and give it a little more strength and elasticity. Their products are all naturally-derived and very wholesome. I will never go back into having those liquid shampoos anymore because this one is tried and tested.


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